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"A timely, well-written, and authoritative layperson's guide to understanding complicated legal concepts . . . and the fact that lawyers wrote it adds a high level of legitimacy to the information provided. . . . I highly recommend this book to those who want to know more about the legal side of writing. You cannot be a successful author and publisher without effectively traversing the law as it relates to the publishing industry. The Literary Law Guide is your indispensable road map. Happy travels!"
--- Dan Poynter, Author of The Self-Publishing Manual
"There are extensive appendixes with sample application and registration forms, model publishing and licensing agreements, a glossary, and an accompanying CD ROM with printable forms. . . . This clear and understandable overview includes practical advice and real-world examples. Recommended for most public libraries."
--- Library Journal
"Many authors fail to grasp the full business aspects of writing and marketing a book. It is important to know all the details of a contract and to seek professional representation before you sign on the dotted line. "Literary Law Guide for Authors" offers excellent information for the author to contemplate as they are offered a contract with a publishing house or literary agent. This book is a must for every author's reference library."
--Jeffrey Bowen, President & Publisher, PubInsider.com
"Keeping authors and publishers updated on the complicated, always-changing aspects of literary law is a dirty job, but Tonya Evans manages to do it -- and she does it well. Here is a wealth of valuable information in a concise, well-organized package. Don't sign a contract without it!"
--- Jim Barnes, Managing Editor
  Independent Publisher Online/Jenkins Group
"As someone who knows that the business side of writing is as important as the creative side, I know how vital it is for serious writers to attend to the legalities of writing too. It does little good to spend countless hours and dollars marketing your book if you leave yourself vulnerable to legal attack because of infringement and contract issues. The Literary Law Guide for Authors provides writers with a user-friendly reference that clearly presents the facts they need to know about fair use, public domain, and electronic rights, so that writers can maximize the value of their work and protect themselves from legal attack."

--- Brian L. Jud, author of Publishers Weekly book Beyond the Bookstore
"This book covers every phase of the writing and publishing process. Thankfully, it does so with clarity and reader-friendliness. For ease in use, key symbols highlight interesting information such as myths, questions, legal notes, checklists, etc. A great tool for every writer's bookshelf."

--- Marilyn Ross, cofounder of SPAN and coauthor of Complete Guide to Self-Publishing and Jump Start Your Book Sales
"The most often asked questions that I receive from aspiring authors involve the complicated language in a publishing contract. Now I direct them to the Literary Law Guide for Authors."
--- Max Rodriguez, Publisher/Editor of QBR The Black Book Review
"Not only does this book address our most fervent copyright questions, but it eloquently covers privacy issues, right of publicity, trademark law and it provides sample contracts and legal forms. This is an easy read, but it is also a valuable reference book. I found the glossary complete and helpful. There is an extremely informative Table of Contents and the index is top notch."
--- Patricia Fry, President of SPAWN
"The well-crafted layout, complete with helpful keynotes, markers and illustrations simplifies the often-intimidating paragraphs of lawyer-speak. The detail given to the whys and wherefores of contracts and agreements brings new insight to the potential for liability and protracted entanglements when one ignores the fine print. . . . This guide ushers the reader through the changing landscape and legislation surrounding the written word. The enclosed CD offers adaptable templates for most every situation. Keep this one next to your dictionary!"
--- Midwest Book Review

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