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Register Your Copyright

If your artistic or literary work is not registered with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress, it is not fully protected. Don't be confused by writer's guilds or organizations that promise to register your work. Unless it is registered with the Copyright Office and you get an Official Copyright Office certificate of registration, your rights are not completely protected.

To register, click on one of the links below to get started.

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Register Your Copyright

  1. FORM: Select the correct electronic form (in .pdf)
    Note: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. To download the viewer free, click here.

    Form TX for text
    Form PA for performing arts
    Form VA for visual arts
    Form SR for sound recordings
    Form SE for serials (newspapers, magazines etc.)

    Or order forms by mail

  2. DEPOSIT: Create a copy of your work and verify in the form instructions the number of copies that you must submit with your application (also referred to as a "deposit"). The deposit requirements vary from form to form so read the instructions carefully and completely before filling out the form.

  3. SUBMIT: Place the completed form, deposit, and a $30 check or money order for the application fee into a mailer and send to the Copyright as per the instructions. Note, DO NOT send your only copy. DO send your mailer by some traceable form of delivery (certified return receipt, signature confirmation, delivery confirmation, or express mail).

  4. What happens next? In approximately 4-6 months you will receive a registration certificate or

Register Right™ Copyright Registration Service

Confused about what form to use or the instructions about deposit requirements? Or do you just want to focus on the creative side and leave the legal details to a pro?

Let an experienced intellectual property attorney take care of the registration process. Tonya M. Evans can help you:

  • Streamline your registration process;

  • Select the right form for your work;
  • Properly format your forms and ensure that all required documentation, information and work deposits are submitted in a timely, professional and complete manner; and
  • Save you time and give you peace of mind

Attorney Evans delivers up-to-the-minute detailed information when your copyright registration is pending and send you your official registration certificate once the process is completed.

What's the cost?


*Copyright Office Registration fee ($30.00)
*Express delivery and handling ($15.00)
*Service charge ($30.00)
*NO HIDDEN FEES like other registration services

Only $75

Note: Click here to download a Register Right™ processing form before clicking on the "Add to Cart" Button.

Other payment options:

  • Pay by check, money order and send to: PO Box 25216, Phila. PA 19119

  • or add $5.00 to the fee and send PayPal® payments to [email protected]

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