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Contracts Companion for Writers


ISBN: (13) 978-09674579-8-7; (10) 09674579-8-X
PAGES: 160 (w/ Forms CD-ROM)
PRICE: $22.95 (26.95 CAN)
PUB DATE: 2007
Distributed to the trade by Independent Publishers Group

Writer's Digest
Book Club Selection!

Contracts Companion for Writers is a comprehensive collection of contracts for the publishing industry drafted with the rights of writers in mind. This book empowers writers at every level of their careers to maximize the value of their work and "get it in writing." From the seasoned author published with a major publishing company to the author thinking of signing a publishing deal with an independent publisher to the writer who aspires to publish or is thinking of signing with an agent or working on a project with a collaborator to the freelancer and even the songwriter - every writer can benefit from the forms, key clauses, deal points, explanations, and real-life examples contained in this book.

Each contract is set forth in its entirety, and the key clauses are explained. The author includes suggestions about important negotiation points and key clauses to help demystify the process of signing important agreements in the publishing industry.


  • Key clauses in agency, publishing & collaboration agreements

  • What every permission, release and work-made-for-hire agreement should say
  • Whether an email, phone call or letter can constitute a valid contract
  • When to use an interviewee or model release
  • What to do when a good deal goes bad & how to get your rights back
  • What every freelancer should know about their rights
  • The difference between a single song & exclusive songwriting deal
  • The players involved and the process of selling & licensing copyright
  • When you need media perils insurance & how to get it

What the industry is saying ...

"Contracts Companion for Writers is an amazingly comprehensive, easy-to-understand examination of the contracts most important to writers. From publishing and agency contracts, to collaboration and work-for-hire agreements, to permission requests and release forms - all set out in an appendix and on the handy CD-ROM, Tonya covers everything writers, agents and other industry professionals need to know about creating and closing deals from a position of knowledge and strength.

Of particular value are the key clauses and negotiation points Tonya shares with a professional acumen that only a lawyer experienced in this area can deliver. Her literary law expertise shines through and the information provided is invaluable. This book is well written and indispensable for writers of every level.

Although the information provided will prove of great worth at any point in your drafting and negotiation process, don't wait until after you've signed on the dotted line to read it and don't rely just on your agent or attorney to tell you what you need to know. As the cover suggests, put down the pen and open up this book first. You'll be glad you did!"

--Dan Poynter, www.parapublishing.com

"Contracts Companion for Writers arrived in my office during the week my agent was negotiating the contract for my second book of creative writing exercises. I immediately opened to the chapter on "The Publishing Agreement" and read every single word. My fear of negotiation and legalese was magically and immediately replaced with confidence and knowledge. Contracts Companion is a must-have, "read it before you think you need it" book for all writers."

--Bonnie Neubauer, www.BonnieNeubauer.com


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