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9 Things Every Writer MUST Know About the Law (2nd Edition) by attorney Tonya Marie Evans, published by LE Series™ Books, an imprint of FYOS Entertainment, LLC. (e-Book).


This electronic publication details the top NINE things every writer must know in order to protect your legal rights and avoid violating the rights of others in your work. The item is ready for download immediately after your payment is processed.

Learn about:

  • how copyright is created and protected

  • how much you can use of another's work under the fair use principle
  • what can and cannot be copyrighted
  • the difference between a copyright, trademark, and patent
  • whether you can legally refer to real people, places, and events in your book
  • and much, much more.

This second edition includes new and updated information:

  • registering your work with a guild or organization versus registration with the Copyright Office

  • new section on the "Poor Man's Copyright" to clear up the confusion about mailing your work to yourself.

  • new section on the critical timing of when in the writing process you should register your copyright.

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