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Postcards from the Edge ... of BEA #4 - Final Edition


As much as I love travelling, there's NOTHING like returning to the comfort of the familiar - my own home. My living room, deck, garden, fully stocked fridge, firm pillows and a high-end mattress, since unfortunately my back often reminds me that I am the person on which the Princess and the Pea character was based. I did, however, truly enjoy my time in New York during PMA University and BookExpo!

This blog post is a catch up and recap of all the wonderful things that transpired during the Big Show on Saturday and Sunday and all of the friends and colleagues -- both old and new -- with whom I connected over the past week. I don’t want to start naming names because I will definitely leave someone out. But I particularly enjoyed connecting with all of you from my list this past weekend.

Saturday was jam packed with drama and show floor activity. First, our shuttle woes continued with a well-meaning but terribly misinformed driver. It seems he received word -- perhaps from outer space -- that although he’d arrived at the Park Central Hotel at 7:50 AM, he was not to leave for Javits until 8:30 AM. Wrong. And for those of us who got up before dawn to make an early shuttle, this reality did not go over well. The shuttle is actually scheduled to run every 10-15 minutes. But none of us on the bus could convince him of this. Only the person whose name appears on his checks could have convinced him -- even if his next check would certainly be his last! Now, I do not like to mess with anyone's income so it is not like I wanted the guy to be fired. But that rule about not messing with income certainly includes my own bottom line! And each year we spend thousands of dollars to attend BEA – this year was no exception. So I planned to get my money's worth and arrive at my booth bright-eyed and bushy tailed from the open to the close of the show and then some!

So, I called the shuttle hot line and gave whoever answered an ear full to make sure they knew things were not going as planned. Meanwhile, two shuttles came and went as we sat on our bus feeling a little helpless. Then my husband, the spiritual anchor of our family, began to sing "Oh Happy Day." I thought either he'd taken leave of his senses or he was singing because we'd watched Sister Act II the night before and he couldn’t get enough. But actually, while I was arguing my point to the dispatcher on my cell phone (as lawyers tend to do), Russel was consulting a higher power by breaking out into pure praise. Don't ask me how it works but it does. And the next thing I knew, a third bus came and, in the grand tradition of pure mutiny, we got off our bus and ran to the other one. Our saving grace. That bus passed every bus we'd seen go by without even seeming to rush and within 10 minutes we were at the show site and no worse for the wear.

Good thing we arrived when we did because, as in past years, Saturday proved to be the busiest day of the show. From the moment the show floor opened to credentialed industry visitors, traffic was heavy in the aisles on both floors. And the energy was really good. No cold shoulders this show.

My first book signing time in the Traditional Autographing Area at 2:00 PM arrived before I knew it. My husband escorted me to the green room like he was six figure Hollywood security and soon we were just behind the curtain waiting for the OK to take the proverbial stage. And as I pushed past the curtain I beamed with pride to see so many people waiting for a copy of Copyright Companion for Writers, one of two books released this year. And although there were many high points and wonderful connections, the pinnacle was meeting and signing a book for LaChanze, tony award-winning star of the original cast of The Color Purple.

Other high notes include connections with various industry professionals for speaking engagements and sales and the amazingly warm reception received from those familiar with my work, including one man who brought into the show his very own tattered copy of Literary Law Guide for Authors: Copyright, Trademark and Contracts in Plain Language for me to sign Saturday afternoon.

That evening, our return to the hotel was uneventful and dinner on the town was an added treat. Thank goodness for business deductions because NYC is not giving anything away! But a fine meal, good conversation and sufficient time to unwind are all priceless at BEA.

Sunday was slower but still extremely fruitful for us, despite the temperamental air conditioning. Many people returned to our booth for copies of our books or to discuss their literary law or speaking needs. Some of the best contacts were made with libraries, conference organizers and the American Bar Association.

So we are very excited about the rest of 2007 and beyond. The word is getting out and it’s all about momentum and all thanks to YOU. Help us to continue spreading the word by posting reviews at and sharing my information with your family and friends. If you missed us at BEA or just want more information or to order my titles, you can visit

To sum it all up, so glad we did BEA smarter and not harder this year. We worked hard and played hard (Broadway shows, fine dining and WBNA games!). And now it is time to turn in and prepare for what tomorrow brings. I suspect it’s all the happiness my heart can hold. In fact, I claim it and wish the same for you!

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