Sunday, June 04, 2006

Back on track in June!

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Hello All,

After a long hiatus for travel and to meet deadlines for my forthcoming title, Copyright Companion for Writers, due out this fall, I am hard at work to complete the scripts for several upcoming podcasts. In the next cast, due out this week, I'll tackle "The Plague of Plagiarism". After that, I'll talk about "Collaborating Dos and Dont's" for those who are writing a book or creating other copyrightable work with one or more other people. That cast will include a FREE sample collaboration agreement for those who listen in! So be sure not to miss it.

Finally, please send any questions you may have to or post comments to the blog so that I can tailor this cast and blog to meet YOUR needs. And be sure to visit our legal reference website for writers, We were recently recognized as one of the top 101 best websites for writers by Writer's Digest!

As of today, I've had 20990 feed hits. So I know you're out there and interested in the topics. So I look forward to connecting with you and 1answering your most pressing questions about copyright, trademark, contracts and publishing!



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